El Capitan Rolf Wittmer es el primer hombre documentado que nacio en la Isla Flroreana. El nacio en Enero de 1933, A unos pocos meses que sus padres , Margret y Heinz Wittmer terminaron un largo viaje en la Isla Floreana.

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It is said that Rabida has the most diversified volcanic rocks of the Galapagos Islands. A visit begins with a wet landing on the deep maroon colored northern beach where marine iguanas and sea lions are often seen resting in the shade of the caves nearby.

Continuing up the rocky red cliffs a short 15-20 minute walk leads to a cliff overhang with a fantastic view of the cove with the ocean, lagoon and scarlet cliffs. Returning back to the beach Rabida offers some very good snorkeling opportunities sharks and manta rays are commonly seen.

Good to Know

English Name
4.9 Km2
Maximum Altitude
1203 FT