El Capitan Rolf Wittmer es el primer hombre documentado que nacio en la Isla Flroreana. El nacio en Enero de 1933, A unos pocos meses que sus padres , Margret y Heinz Wittmer terminaron un largo viaje en la Isla Floreana.

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Fernandina is the youngest of the Galapagos Islands, which is why is one of the most active (volcanically) since eruptions still may occur every few years. It is a narrow point of land, more like lava and sand. Lacking the native plants and animals of the other islands visitors obtain the feeling of being at the end of the earth.

At Punta Espinoza you’ll find two ways of the trail. From the left of the landing site the trail leads into the lava fields. As the youngest of the islands, Fernandina allows visitors to view the recent volcanic activity. Following the trail to the other side, a colony of sea lions can be seen.

Good to Know

English Name
642 Km2
Maximum Altitude
4900 FT